Featured Timeshare Destination: Aruba

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, look no further than an Aruba timeshare. In the past three years, Aruba has become one of the top timeshare destinations for both owners and renters. With some of the world’s best beaches, it’s no wonder that millions travel to Aruba timeshares every year. However miles of white-sand beaches are just a small part of what the island has to offer. Most timeshare resorts in Aruba cater to luxury travelers and provide the best in accommodations and amenities. Looking to travel on a budget? Traveling during off-peak weeks will allow you to affordably visit Aruba. In the months of September and October—when the resorts are less crowded— you can typically find better deals. Usually, both Aruba timeshare resales and rentals are discounted during this time.