After You Buy a Timeshare

What Happens After You Buy a Timeshare

If you are a first-time buyer, you may have questions about the closing process and what happens after you buy a timeshare. Our knowledgeable timeshare specialists will help you to understand this process, but here is a brief overview.

Selecting Your Resort

Of course, the first thing you’ll need to do is find your timeshare! You can browse thousands of timeshares for sale on using our easy to use database.

Once you find your desired resort, you’ll need to place an offer. All offers are sent directly to the seller or to the licensed real estate agent handling the listing. After the seller receives your offer, they can either accept it or make a counteroffer. When you have agreed upon a price, will help both parties to find a closing company to handle the paperwork.

The Timeshare Closing and Transfer Process

After you have have found a timeshare on, a third party closing company will transfer the timeshare into your name. Depending on the resort’s response rate, this process typically takes 90-120 days.

The Closing Process:

  1. All funds are placed in an escrow account while the closing company prepares to transfer the ownership.
  2. The closing company will verify that the timeshare is free and clear of financial liens.
  3. Next, the closing company will perform an “Estoppel.” This will confirm the ownership details of the property including points/week, unit size, etc.
  4. At this time, the closing company will contact you to sign the documents to transfer the ownership into your name.
  5. Finally, the resort/developer will be notified that you are the new owner of the timeshare. Congratulations!

Once the transfer is complete, you can begin planning for your first vacation!

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